Teacher of the Year

March 10, 2010
By Justin Bernklau BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Justin Bernklau BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Justin Bernklau
Teacher of the Year

Upon entering my American Problems class in junior year, I was immediately taken aback. A young and optimistic man with a shaved cranium paced about the room. I took my seat just as the bell rang and attendance was taken. The teacher pointed at each student as we said our names. When it was time for one student to say his name, he responded with the word “six,” thinking we were saying numbers to be picked for groups. For the rest of the semester, the student’s name was “six.” Each time he raised his hand to answer a question, Mr. Herriot said, “Yes 6?” No harm was done as the class, including “6,” laughed each time. This was just one of the many uplifting times had in Mr. Herriot’s American Problems class. The light mood was something the students looked forward to in his class. Each day brought a new and unique experience. His notoriety for being funny and the enthusiasm that he expressed for the class made those experiences memorable. He wasn’t afriaid to make fun of people, but always kept it sarcastic. I can honestly say that his class was my most looked forward to class of the year. It wasn’t the outcome of a good grade that mattered, it was the enjoyment found within the experience that defined the meaning of his class.
Admiring his true brute honesty, passion, and enthusiasm for the topics covered, I enjoyed the time while in Mr. Herriot’s class. The way that he taught prevailed as an easy way for all to listen and learn. Teaching didn’t even seem like a job to him because of the fun he had. He was an entertainer and a teacher. To say that he had earned his reputation with hard work is appropriate. A scintillating and mature example is one that stands alone still today.

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