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March 10, 2010
By EmmaReynolds SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
EmmaReynolds SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
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As I walked grudgingly into Chemistry on my first day of junior year, I knew this was not a class I’d be fond of. Mrs. Koch sat us in our assigned seats, and handed a paper out to each of us—a syllabus laying out our curriculum on a single sheet of neon paper. I skimmed the chapter names, reading unfamiliar words, and concepts I’ve never heard of. She began explaining how this year will not be easy, as we are new to this subject matter. She told us that if we worked hard, and put in the extra effort, it will pay off.

After convincing myself I’d get an A in this class, I worked hard to understand the material. Mrs. Koch went at a pace that fit everyone, and her teaching styles varied to accommodate all her students. She’d first explain the concept, then write it on the board, and draw it out. Sometimes she’d even show the class a video. She seemed to understand each of her student’s personalities, and learning styles. If any student fell behind, Mrs. Koch had patience. She’d take time out of her lunch hour, and before and after school to ensure the student understands. Mrs. Koch is not only knowledgeable about chemistry, but she is passionate about it. This makes it easier for a class if they know their teacher isn’t there because they have to, but because they want to.

After taking her class, I became more open minded about science. I am not a science person to say the least, but Mrs. Koch made me want to understand. I feel if I didn’t try, I would not only be letting myself down, but her as well.
All the effort she put into helping me gave me the opportunity to look at things from a different viewpoint. Chemistry was scary at first, but Mrs. Koch helped me realized that with time and effort, things get easier. She helped me apply myself for Chemistry, something that most teachers have a difficult time with. Towards the end of the semester, I had a high B, but I felt I succeeded because I worked to my full potential to receive that grade.
I gained new perspective from Mrs. Koch’s hidden lessons. It helped me, not only in chemistry, but in my other classes, too. Mrs. Koch taught me everyone is capable of something they don’t think they’ll succeed in. She taught me all I need to do is put in the extra effort, time and patience to succeed.

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