Bob Pulkowski

March 10, 2010
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He makes those stressful moments, tranquil. He makes those gloomy moments, joyful. And he makes those dreadful days, possible. Bob Pulkowski. My gymnastics coach. He has known me since I was five-years-old and he knows me better than any coach I’ve had. To him, I am the easiest person to read. He knows how to push me to my limits, but he also knows when to back off.
Bob is a laid back, live for the moment kind of guy. He doesn’t like to get worked up over the little things. In the end, he knows my problems will work themselves out.
If I was tense about a meet, Bob would be the one to say, “Don’t think about it, just do it. You have done these skills for long enough. Now go out there, have fun, be goofy, and be confident.”
He doesn’t try to critic every bit of every skill. And because Bob is like this I knew if I tried my hardest, I will be successful. I will be satisfied. And I will be happy.
Bob taught me to see the light in things. He would be proud of me, if he knew I tried my hardest and had fun.
From Bob I’ve learned life isn’t worth living if I’m not having fun. Bob lives for those moments when a gymnast comes to realize that. He genuinely cares for each and every girl on my team. And my entire team’s high spirits come from one of the best coaches I know. Bob Pulkowski.

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