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March 10, 2010
By Scotttt BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Scotttt BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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In his last year at The Arrowhead, Mr. Lawrence Desotell still cares. He was my teacher for one of the hardest classes I have even taken: AP US History. Mr. Desotell is just a normal guy from Wisconsin with one difference…he knows his United States history. This knowledge stretches far beyond what he needs to know to teach us, and includes miscellaneous facts and trivia that give us even more insight into our nation’s past.
It is not just his knowledge of the subject that makes him a great teacher, but it is also the ways in which he teaches and presents the material. He makes class enjoyable. It’s not often that a teacher can make a subtle joke and the entire room will start laughing, but that is what happens every day in Mr. D’s class.
He has his favorite sayings, given the name “Desotellisms” by his students, that you don’t hear from anyone else; such as my personal favorite Desotellism, “That and a buck and a half will get you a cup of coffee.”

Mr. D is also a great teacher because he doesn’t impose his ideas and beliefs upon his students. He lets people make up their own minds and he doesn’t interfere with what they personally believe.
Mr. Desotell is someone that goes beyond his duties as a teacher. He is readily available after class for help and he can always tell you how to improve your essays or simply tell you that you need to know more.
Another way he goes above his basic role as an educator are the letters of recommendation he writes for students. He writes many letters every year and always spends plenty of time on each one to ensure he is doing as much as he can to help his students achieve their goals.

It is disappointing that all students can not have the pleasure of having Mr. Desotell as a teacher. After this school year he will be retiring, but he will not be forgotten at The Arrowhead.

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