Amazing Andy Freeburg

March 10, 2010
By Zachary Wagner BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Zachary Wagner BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Every student who plans to succeed needs a great teacher to learn from. Andy Freeburg is that great teacher. Not many kids look forward to school, and the ones who do look at it as a social gathering instead of an educational environment. I look at it as a social gathering, however, once ninth hour comes around I am excited to learn.

If you are reading this to find a section where I was scared of the class and I came in for help after school, you are not going to find it. Every good teacher is willing to help outside of class, but the truly great not only help outside, but teach the lesson during the period so you will not have to come in after class.
Mr. Freeburg brings a passion and excitement into the classroom, it’s contagious. He jumps around and strums his air guitar whenever a student makes an interesting point on our latest book. He gives his weekly “book pimp” talk on Fridays, encouraging us to read more. He does his robot voice and a newly created gremlin voice.
I like learning ninth hour because he speaks in a language I can understand and relate to. We read “A Good a Happy Child,” which is now my favorite book, and he connected the paranormal activity happening in the book to a story about when he went to a friends house and experienced his own ghost story. His story made me think how the book relates to my life.
Mr. Freeburg is not an intimidating figure at five feet 11 inches and 160 pounds, he is very approachable. Just today, I called out his name in study hall just to talk to him, not even about the class, and we started talking about the books he was carrying at the time and about some of my favorite books.

Mr. Freeburg likes to stand outside his classroom before class and greet kids as they enter. This sets the mood for an always entertaining and interesting class. He likes to greet his class the same way everyday with, “If no one has told you how much they love you today, let me be the first.” And in just minutes, the class is swept into a heated discussion on whether Dan Trussoni was a good parent. This is possible because we a learning from a man with a kids passion for a subject. I am still convinced he is Tom Hanks in the real-life story of the movie “Big.”
Mr. Freeburg is the reason the 40 minutes of ninth hour fly by and I am left with the feeling that I can’t wait for tomorrow’s discussion on whatever. He is the reason ninth hour is as much about entertainment as it is learning, and Mr. Freeburg has me once again excited about learning.

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