Miss Schweyer

February 28, 2010
By Millifickle GOLD, Madison, Ohio
Millifickle GOLD, Madison, Ohio
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It was the first day of junior year and we were all walking into our mandatory english class. Hearing the radio, we didn't know what to expect from our teacher. She walked in and smiled and we all introduced ourselves. She passed out candy and told us a little bit about herself. Then it was time to go to our next class. Trying to make friends was hard, but we couldn't stop talking about Ms.Schweyer. We were all excited for the next day. Throughout the year we talked about poetry and different points of view. Our class put up a good debate and we argued very well with each other. We read books about girls with trouble at home. It was our job to put our input out there. And we did. Ms.Schweyer was the best teacher because she understood us for who we were. Every once in awhile we would write in our journals and she would comment back and give us good advice. I went to her a lot and she did help me. She's the type of teacher who doesn't teach about adverbs, pronouns, adjectives, etc. Towards the end of our junior year, we begged her to teach us next year. We didn't want somebody else to teach us, especially since we got so close with Ms. Shweyer. She talked to the administration and recieved bad news. She wouldn't be teaching the senior Graphic Arts class. Only the new juniors coming for the 2009-2010 school year. It just wasn't fair! We didn't want to leave her because we knew she would be so lonely. Currently it's our senior year and our english class is so different. It's not fun and exciting. It's one of the classes that we dread to go to during our school day. We all visit Ms.Schweyer from time to time, we all miss her very much. My whole senior lab would do anything to get her back as our english teacher. I wish her good luck towards the future and hopefully some day she weill receive the greatest teacher ever reward.

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