Marie O'Hara - English - Lacey Township High School

December 17, 2009
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I’ll never forget the first time I met Miss O’Hara. I was going to a meeting of the Rainbows/Spectrum program, and I couldn’t find the room it was in. So, I walked myself down to Miss O’Hara’s room and walked with her to Rainbows, and since then, she’s been a huge inspiration and a tremendous help through the darkest part of my life.
Miss O’Hara is the kind of person, that when you’re around her, you can’t help but smile. She brings light and energy into the room, even when she isn’t her usual happy self. In the two years that I’ve known her, I think I’ve only ever seen her without a smile on her face once, other than that, she always has a smile, and even if it fades, it always comes back.
Recently, she’s helped me through the rockiest patch of my life. I was in such a deep depression, and I talked to counselors and tons of other people, but it was Miss O’Hara who got me to understand, that I was the most important person, and that I needed to stop living for everyone else and focus on me for a while. Since then, she checks in on me every day to make sure that I’m doing ok, and that I’m not running myself too hard.
Miss O’Hara is truly a kind soul and has inspired me to push on and to find the light in the darkness. I’m not sure what would have or could have happened had she not talked to me and supported me every day. I know that I always have someone to talk to in her, and I will never be judged, and I will never have to worry about her telling anybody. She’s a fantastic teacher, a fantastic woman, and most importantly, a fantastic friend.

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