Educater of the Year

December 14, 2009
There are several qualities when it comes to teachers that separate them from the others and allow them to leave a lasting impression on their classes. For me this teacher was Mrs. Glenn, my 6th grade math and homeroom teacher. A very likeable women, she was funny, caring and had a great way of teaching the class without you really knowing it. She did this by incorporating real world scenarios into her daily work to keep us from thinking we were just doing pointless, tedious work. She also had a way of lightening our mood by letting us have fun while we worked. She would let us work with friends to keep us open and talking about our work, but at the same time she would make sure we wouldn’t get too carried away and off subject. She also had a unique way of helping us to remember things by making a song about formulas, or order of operations (something that still helps me to this day). Another way she would keep us motivated was to reward us on Fridays by letting us play games or watch a movie, but only if we completed our work on time. This made us work hard during the week to maintain our grades and show her our full attention. But apart from schoolwork, Mrs. Glenn also cared about us as people. She would always have a way or brightening someone’s day if they seemed down or she could encourage us if we made a bad grade and let us know it was ok. If someone failed a grade, she would tell them that they can do better and would always offer help before and after school. Mrs. Glenn was a joy to be around both as a teacher and as a person and her fun, unique style of teaching helped prepare us as well as entertain us. Her personality, combined with her teaching ability and her way of making learning fun and enjoyable, kept us interested in school and eager to learn.

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