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December 15, 2009
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The thought of being diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer is panicking, and there appears to be no emotional difference at the knowledge of a brain tumor. To humans, it has become a habit not to be concerned about such until a loved one becomes affected by it. However, there are some exceptions to this tendency and I was allowed the privilege to be part of one as a student of Mr. Ramos at Cleburne Middle School. As a teacher, this individual started a commotion that imposed a precedent not only for her students but for an entire community as well.

Jonathan Martinez, a teenager with a desire for improvement, was diagnosed with a brain tumor around the age of 14 or 15. Being as student in the ESL program, he was often seen by Mrs. Ramos, who took interest in all her students. At a certain period in time, she began to notice a slight change in his posture as well as in some other of his habits. When asked, Jonathan said to her that he was unaware of the changes, after which she suggested a medical check-up. Soon after, she announced to the ESL classes of the unfortunate news that had been given to Jonathan’s family. She also informed all her students of different methods through which she planned to raise funds in order to provide her student with financial aid.

The process was arduous, yet she did not forget about anything that concerned the situation. She remained faithful to her cause as she did to her profession. Soon, however, her purpose would be tested as Jonathan was denied the right to healthcare for being an illegal immigrant and as a result was deported to Mexico. Being the perseverant woman that she is, she found an alternative to further her help towards Jonathan as he was receiving therapy in his native country. All her alternatives encouraged her student to participate; I was among them. Although Jonathan lost the battle against this tumor, where ever he is today, I am sure that he is thankful for everything that his teacher did.

It was inspiring to see someone such as Mrs. Ramos to care of an individual to whom her only responsibility was that of instruction. She did not follow the natural flow of human tendency; she altered it for the good of a community. As a result, students, such as me, who experienced her action and learned form her perseverance will continue to carry out the message. New heroes and good hearted citizens will be born in consequence of the action taken by Mrs. Ramos, the educator of the year.

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