More Than a Teacher

December 13, 2009
From selling candy for the school to the individual care of every student, Mrs. Thompson was a fantastic teacher. She dedicated all of her free time to making sure her classroom was in tip top shape. I had known Mrs. Thompson for my entire life when I discovered she would be my English teacher.
I had gone approximately a week before school started to the freshman orientation at the school and I had made sure to memorize where Mrs. Thompson’s room was, as she was my “go to person” in case of an emergency. On the first day of high school I was nervous, as every freshman is, I had come into school flustered because I had taken a wrong door inside and I was all turned around. I knew exactly who to turn to; Mrs. Thompson. She had told me that anytime I needed her before or after school I was welcome to come to her for advice. I knew that even though she had known me previously, she would have given anyone of her students the exact same advice. My freshman year she was still in school to become a guidance counselor and she was putting all her skills into practice.
As the school year went on, I noticed how involved she was in all of her students. She would take time to talk to each and every person who had questions or needed a little extra help, with school or on a personal level. Although I was in her advanced Pre-AP English course she did not put a lot of extra emphasis on having more work than regular classes as some teachers do. We had more extravagant papers to write that really made me use my brain. Not only did we get a little deeper on all of our topics we also learned a lot of new things that I didn’t know we would cover in that class; such as Greek mythology. Mrs. Thompson liked for her classes to work in groups so we could share ideas and bounce different ideas off of other people to see which works and which do not. This personally helps me a lot to hear what other people have to say about a certain topic; it really opens my mind to different views on how you might see things.
Mrs. Thompson was well involved with the student counsel activities such as school dances and prom. I had seen her at more than one school dance supervising and making sure no one got in without a school ID. She also attended all the pep rallies that she could and yelled just as much as the students. I know that Mrs. Thompson is well implicated with her church; she has given blood and goes to every church function possible. There are a few women at her church that have breast cancer and Mrs. Thompson attended and administered fundraisers and garage sells to support their cause and to help raise money.
Mrs. Thompson has never been just another teacher; she had been one of those teachers you remember and that you will always look back on and say now that was an awesome teacher. She took time, money, and effort to make sure that she did all she could do for you. And that she gave you all the education possible for the short amount of time she was given. Mrs. Thompson didn’t just hand out the work and make sure you turn it in; she cared enough to make sure you understood it and that you actually learned what she was teaching you. I’m proud to say that my life, both educationally and personally has been impacted by having her as a teacher, and as so much more.

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