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December 13, 2009
By , Cleburne, TX
Some educators are underpaid. Education has been said to be the most valuable thing one can poses, and by that logic those who have the ability to give it out should be revered as religious figures such as ministers, monks, presidents, or other very important well respected people. Educators are smart people who understand that with their education they have options. They do not have to do what they do. They also understand that what they do is important. The sacrifices they make for the education of their pupils is an investment in the future. While all educators invest their time, energy, and lack of a large paycheck in the future. They also play a role in a student’s day-to-day life; some do so more than others. Every now and then a student comes across a truly devoted role model who changes more than just their daily routine, and teaches a great deal more than what is required.

I met that teacher at the door of my third period Business Computer Information Systems (B.C.I.S.) class freshman year. She loves what she does because what she does makes a difference, and she makes sure of that by being so involved in her student’s lives and the community. She helps students prepare for the workforce through business classes, taking part in community projects, and sponsoring clubs such as Business Professionals of America. So many teachers are preparing children for college they forget about all the real world lesions found in discussion of current events, school policy, and even behavior. Not all educators take time out of class to hold informal discussions of local hot topics or current events. This woman understands how much young adults can learn from intelligent conversation, problem solving, and being active in the community. She appreciates and supports friendly competition, good manners, and hard work through her leadership roles in UIL academic teams and high expectations of her students. She encourages involvement in extracurricular activities as well as stresses the importance of priorities.

Mrs. Lisa Benson is a role model in many aspects. She is a wonderful citizen who does more than her fair share, a loving mother and wife, as well as a devoted educator. Mrs. Benson’s classes always give students confidence, validation, and an opportunity to form and share their opinion. The joy she finds in teaching is so obvious and refreshing. Mrs. Lisa Benson has been someone I’ve been able to trust ever since I met her. It has been an honor to be her student freshman year and senior year her class is always my favorite, and she more than disserves the honor of Educator of the Year.

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