Procrastinating Answer

December 15, 2009
By , Cleburne, TX
Mrs. Bell's unique way of teaching and Mrs. Bell absolutely deserves the "Educator of the Year" award because of how outstanding of a teacher she is. From the way she teaches to all the little extra things she does for students. The thing is, is that the difference between ordinary teacher and extraordinary teacher is the little extra. The is no doubt that the last couple of years from being in her class, not only have i become a better student, but i have become stronger willed and more determined to get things done.
Getting the class involved always has the students locked in to every word that comes out of her mouth. Whether it is a lecture or other ways of teaching, she always has a way of getting everyone involved. In her class there is no way of getting out of paying attention. When you have a teacher like that helps you soak in so much more than a teacher that just sits at the front of the class and lecture. The way she teaches has everybody hitting their stride in terms of learning.
When I came into her class my junior year I had to major problems that i needed to solve in order to survive in college. Those two things were writing and procrastinating. I was a horrendous essay writer. I couldn’t write a good essay to save my life. Now I’m not necessarily a good essay writer, but I have defiantly made steps forward that will go a long way in college. The only reason I got here though was Mrs. Bell’s determination to help me out. We would sit before and after school some days just to write essays. She would give me the ins and outs of writing a good essay. All I have to say is Mrs. Bell can turn any paper into a marvelous writing. The procrastination issue wasn’t solved until just a couple of weeks ago. All year I have been procrastinating thinking that it will be ok, but when she started piling the workload on it was getting harder and harder to procrastinate. I hade to make a change quick before I put myself into a hole I couldn’t use a ladder to get out of. The last research paper we had I started procrastinating on and the work from other classes including hers started piling up. So I decided one night to get most of my paper written early. Once I finished the research I was overfilled with joy because it was almost a week early. Thank God that I had Mrs. Bell as a teacher because if she wasn’t by my side I would be screwed in college. Thank you Mrs. Bell for everything you have done for me.

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