My Coach can fly can yours?

December 15, 2009
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Smiling Girls yelling, “You can do it! Come on almost done!” would stand at the end of the bus lane with Coach Bird, clapping their hands and cheering on the rest of us as we finished our practice run for the day. This was not the typical Cross Country team!

Never had a teacher stood outside the classroom door with such confidence and taken the time to shake my hand and say, “Good morning.” During Teen Leadership class Coach Bird asked us for good news because we all carried it inside. In other places we might have never opened our mouths for fear of ridicule, but not in his classroom because he taught us to reframe and see things through real human eyes that care allow others to rely on.

I know I had abilities which now have brought me far, but if it weren’t for Coach Bird I would be too shy to look someone in the eyes, shake their hand ,or even give a simple affirmation. I’m not the same person I was before meeting coach bird I learned that the world doesn’t ever revolve around me and that to get some where we must all be humble at some point.

Coach Bird is from Kenya, Africa, but he is looks like the typical Caucasian male. I am Hispanic all my family is fair skinned except my dad, brother, and sister and I was always made fun off for my light skin because in some peoples lack of knowledge all Hispanics are dark which is not true. Any way the point is after learning this background from a man I admired and was a great Coach, Teacher, and Man I learned that there are ignorant people in the world who we must help to comprehend that appearance is not all that matters and we need not judge others by literally their skin, shape, or size. After all we are all human.

His impact in my life made all the difference. When he had to leave Cleburne High for a Fort Worth School I was devastated, but later reframed the situation and was content to know he was moving because he would be able to make a positive impact on someone else. I was eager to hear the future stories of him changing peoples lives. This one its mine.

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