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December 15, 2009
By Anonymous

A mother of two, part-time catering chef, FCCLA advisor, and most notably a cancer survivor Mrs. Lowrie is anything except the average teacher. Her positive “can-do” attitude, eagerness to serve others, and passion for reaching success follows her both in and out of the classroom.
I look back over the past four years and begin to appreciate the caring heart that Mrs. Lowrie possesses. She is always involved with various charity events and service projects to help out the community she is apart of. More importantly, Mrs. Lowrie makes sure we (her students) get just as involved as she is and is always there to set us on the right path if we have a passion we would like to volunteer with. During FCCLA “season”, Mrs. Lowrie is our go-to teacher. It is guaranteed that she will be up at the high school working on various STAR event projects with students whenever the time is available. She doesn’t mind sacrificing the many hours it takes to work on these projects, her main concern is that each of her students succeed at whatever it is they are doing. It is not surprising to see Mrs. Lowrie running off of three hours of sleep any given day of the week, but she is always bright-eyed and happy to be at school.
About a year ago when cancer took over Mrs. Lowrie we all thought things would be different. However, we were positively proven wrong. Mrs. Lowrie continued to inspire, serve others, and strive to make us succeed all while fighting the tough battle against cancer. There was never a time when we heard Mrs. Lowrie complain about the circumstances life handed her, instead we saw the most upbeat side of her that we could not even comprehend. Mrs. Lowrie still held the go-to teacher title and maintained the long hours she had always put in. Watching her enthusiastically serve others and our community despite the setback is a huge inspiration.
Mrs. Lowrie is now cancer free and is still making it her mission to keep us successful. She is a huge motivating force in my life as well as the people who interact with her on a daily basis. Her bright attitude and helping character inspires me to serve my community, family, and other around me.

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