Educator of the Year Essay

December 15, 2009
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To me Educator of the Year should be Mr. Hanks. He just became principal this year and it just so happens that he became mine. I like having him as one because he makes me feel comfortable enough to go to him with anything.

Last year he was my algebra teacher and I learned a lot from him. He was a great teacher and he explained things very well. Yeah he might’ve given us homework every night but he helped us out whenever we needed it and I liked that.

Him being my principal makes everything better. I know he isn’t going to be partial to anyone in any situation. Plus him being a principal and all, I’m sure he does a lot for the school but I don’t know specifically what. I know that I’m sure he participated in organizing some school functions along with our other principals.

One time when I got in trouble for saying something wrong in the classroom I had to go see Mr. Hanks and he got me a good deal with my punishment. I’m not saying he let me off lightly because he didn’t. I got a lecture from him like anyone else would’ve and we discussed the matter maturely. I didn’t mind speaking with him because I know I can talk with him about any issues I’m having. I ended up getting two days of jip and he just told me to be careful and stay out of trouble.

So as you can see I believe that Mr. Hanks would be a great Educator of the Year because he helps out our school and he’s helped me out personally as well.

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