Math Teacher

December 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Math is a subject that usually causes frustration for everyone. It definitely was frustrating for me until my freshman year of high school. I always wanted to know why you do things in math, such as, why formulas work, but no teacher really went into detail about those types of things until my algebra class with Mr. McHargue.

His teaching style was very easy to understand right a way, and if you didn’t understand he took the time to explain it in as many different ways as possible. He would always relate problems to tangible situations that the teenage mind would understand. He also didn’t have a crazy math language that only some people understood. Although there was always some sarcasm in what he said, but it was easily decipherable and made him more down to earth. He became the high school golf coach my junior year and attends many high school events. Whenever there’s not golf things going on he attends most marching and concert band programs. He also chaperones on the buses for band away games or trips.

Mr. McHargue helped me understand math the way I wanted to understand it, and I now love math because of that. I still go and talk to him and get help with my math homework even though he’s not my math teacher any more.

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