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December 14, 2009
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Every teacher or school administrator has something special about them. They always have some kind of story where they influenced or inspired a student to do miraculous things. In my case there is one particular teacher that deserves the praise. Mr. Jones, director of bands at Cleburne high school, is one of the coolest most helpful teachers I’ve ever met. He’ll never go too far out of his way because he believes, we as high school students should learn a little responsibility, but he is also understandable when it comes to certain issues.

Mr. Jones teaches with passion for every piece of music. Although he is a trumpet player himself he allows us to play pieces that feature every instrument in our band. He’s never bias and loves musical literature. When he hands out a new song we immediately sight read the piece. If the music is rhythmically difficult then he’ll write the rhythm on the board and teach everyone the counts whether if we have it in our music or not. He includes everyone so we can learn something new about music. Mr. Jones always finds time for training and has us go back to music theory which is the basics of music. He believes it is important that we’re all well rounded musicians regardless if we continue band after high school. Not only is his style of teaching helpful but also very fun. There is never a dull moment when Mr. Jones is in front of the band. His teaching method is very effective. Mr. Jones gets along well with us because he himself is still a teenager at heart. For me personally, I’ve improved on my instrument and also at music theory due to Mr. Jones. For this I will be forever thankful.

Mr. Jones also volunteers to direct and organize the orchestra for our high school musicals. Without his help then there would be no musical. Luckily he has always asked me to be part of the orchestra and the experience is wonderful under his direction. Also, he’s a member of the Brazos Symphony Orchestra, which travels around certain towns near Cleburne and perform for the communities. He volunteers his times and talent because he loves performing and playing beautiful music. His involvement around the community and school has helped the Golden Pride receive positive support. Simply our band program is the best in the state no matter what the rankings show.

No matter how negatively I see myself Mr. Jones never will because he believes I can do anything as long as I work for it. Actually, he has the same amount of belief for every single one of his students. Anytime a student is having any issue Mr. Jones takes them into his office to have a chat. Afterwards the student leaves his office with their spirits raised and head held high. He is always willing to depart from music to be part of his student’ lives in any small form. For myself I have become more confident, and have developed a different, positive outlook on the world. Mr. Jones isn’t just a high school band director but a mentor. Surprisingly he’s experienced a lot of what we are going through and advices us the best way he can. His determination and motivation has rubbed off on my personality and I’m ready to conquer the world after high school.

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