Frolic Freshmen

December 14, 2009
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Frolic Freshmen

My favorite teacher during my high school years has been one who has helped me tremendously. Her name is Melody Lundy. She teaches freshmen pre-AP Geography and I have to give her props because I don’t think I could teach freshmen all day, every day. However, Mrs. Lundy didn’t just help me in school, she helped in other aspects of life that are much needed as a freshmen. She’s continued to help me as I’ve become older because she is one of those teachers that care about each and every one of her students no matter who it is.

Mrs. Lundy had the best, in my opinion, way of teaching. She had us copy notes down from slides and as we wrote she explained. She always went into full detail to explain to us why we were learning what we were learning. Tests seemed like a breeze because he had everything we ever needed plus a review to help us. Whenever she was available she was always there for tutorials if you had a question for her about anything. Mrs. Lundy helped out cheerleading squad at school when she decided to go to our competition with us in San Marcos. Considering she was a freshmen teacher it only made sense to put the freshmen girls on a van with her. Of course, we had a blast with her at the competition and shopping at the outlet malls.

Sometimes we don’t realize how thankful we are for the things we have and receive. At Christmas time, Mrs. Lundy picked three Christmas angels for our five classes to support that year. We learned their needs and wants and were able to buy the angels everything we could. All the classes got to learn how we helped a child that year have as good of a Christmas as we do every year. During the spring we learned about recycling and how it helps our environment. Our project was to learn how we can use a certain product and recycle it afterwards. Then we made posters explaining to our class how we learned what we did. By the time we were finished we knew many ways to help our environment just with our daily tasks and all thanks to Mrs. Lundy.

Now that I’ve grown older and Mrs. Lundy isn’t my teacher, she is still able to help me. I am her student aide everyday and I get to basically relearn everything I learned my freshmen year. Which may sometimes be completely boring, but I do enjoy it more the second time I learn it. She even still cares when something goes wrong with me. For example, I came into her room balling when I couldn’t find my car keys at school. Mrs. Lundy had everyone looking and even though I never found my keys, I was still glad I had someone to go to when I needed someone. She’ll always be there for every student she’s had no matter how they do or act in her class she personally cares for each one, making her my favorite teacher.

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