Coach Bird

December 14, 2009
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Coach Bird

Coby Bird, the man that changed so many people‘s life, has had the best most memorable impact on my life. Coach Bird was the girls soccer and cross country coach. He was always happy and optimistic. He was and will always be my favorite teacher and coach.

Coach Bird was my soccer coach along with other girls. He was the varsity coach but during fourth period freshman soccer class, he was our coach. He was so tall and had the skinniest legs I had ever seen before. He has short brown, kind of curly hair and always wore tennis shoes.

In leadership we always had to shake our teachers hands and look them right in the eyes when we walked into their classrooms. Coach Bird’s job was to make us better leaders and to do that he taught us all of the proper skills for being just that, a leader. I can honestly say that I would be completely lost if it wasn’t for Coach Bird’s leadership class.

Coach always had a strange way of teaching. He would always have a great attitude. I don’t know how many people would have a good attitude everyday, especially the ones who had to drive from Fort Worth everyday.

Since the first day I met him, I knew he was going to do something drastic in my life. He was always aspiring to all he came in contact with. Coach Bird was the soccer coach but he was also the leadership teacher. I had him for both classes my freshman year of high school. There was always something that made him stand out from the rest of the teachers there. He would always have a smile for one thing and would always greet you in a different way. He would use accents or would just stare at you until you freaked out.

At the very end of my freshman year, he got another job closer to home that he couldn’t refuse. All of us soccer players were devastated. All of his students were in tears. We couldn’t believe that the man who has done so much was going to leave. Coach Bird was the greatest most influential person I have ever met and I will never, nor can I ever forget all of the things he has done for me.

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