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December 14, 2009
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It was the scariest thing I ever had to do, leave my parents for a whole day with people I have never met before, it was kindergarden. Walking in the class room and seeing all the kids with the same expression as mine on thier faces, but when I turned around my mom was talking to a very small older lady with a very welcoming smile that made me feel a little at ease. It was Ms. Waits, my teacher.
My kindergarden year was a really hard one, I made friends, lost friends, had a "boyfriend", all the usual stuff plus my oldest brother that i was really close to went off to the military, the first horse i ever loved died while pregnant, and one of my baby cousins was murdered. I kind of liked school though because everyday Ms. Waits was in such a good mood and always put a smile on my face. She was always sure to ask about my brother, tell the other kids about him, and most importantly talk to me when ever I needed to talk. All the kids loved her, even if they werent in her class and she was always helping out other teachers. She taught me my abc which i picked up very fast because she made it seem easy because it was so much fun, she made everything fun, at nap time she played classical music which still to this day I will pass out to, she would scratch your back during nap time if you asked her to (I always asked)and she never seemed to have a favorite student like teachers do she treated everyone the same (but this could have been because I was her favorite). I dont remember a lot of stuff from being a little kid but I do remember kindergarden because of Ms. Waits. When it was time to go to the first grade I was dreading it, not because I was scared (I was a little bit dont get me wrong) but mostly because Ms. Waits couldnt go with me. Still to this day I think about finding her and calling her up to see how she is doing but I doubt she remembers me. She started out my school career great, she is a reason I have always been intrested any tried hard in school.

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