The Teacher at the Top

December 14, 2009
By arhodes BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
arhodes BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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The Teacher at the Top
I have certain classifications I like to go by to rate my teachers. First, there are the teachers who “don’t believe in homework;” who are easy and always fun. Then, there are the teachers who think it is his or her job to make us so busy that we have no time for any other class, extracurricular activities, and definitely not social time. These teachers I can’t stand. However no matter how much I love the first teacher and despise the second, there is a third category that stands out the most. To me, these are the real teachers. Teachers whose classes are the hardest ones you’ll take, but somehow we are able to tell they are different. These teachers make us think there’s no way that everything can be learned, but then they will work hard with the students to make sure every student who is willing to work hard understands. Mrs. Sloan is one of these teachers.
Sophomore year was when I realized she was exceptional. I had her for biology, and she always tried to make the class fun even though we did a lot of taking notes. This year I decided to take Anatomy and Physiology, partly because she is the teacher. Her Anatomy class is even harder than biology was, but she’s still just as committed to her student’s success. If the class doesn’t understand something, she explains the concept from a different angle until we do understand. I know that all teachers genuinely care about a student’s success, but Mrs. Sloan seems to stand out a little more. She is ridiculously smart, and she’s qualified enough to be a doctor right now making tons of money. Instead she’s teaching at Cleburne High School where the salaries are small, just because she likes is. The amazing part is that even though Anatomy is my hardest class this year, I’m making my highest grades in it, and I believe it is because of her.

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