My Educator of the Year

December 14, 2009
By , Cleburne, TX
If I got the chance to chose educator of the year I would choose Mr. McHargue. Mr. McHargue is an excellent math teacher at my high school. He teaches, and grades in a way that is fair to everyone. He does not ever exclude anyone on what they should be learning, he always makes sure that everyone gets what he is teaching. He is excellent at what he does, and is my favorite teacher.

Mr. McHargue has a specific way of teaching, he tries to so hard to teach in a way that everyone in the class understands how the math problems are supposed to be done. He tries to give examples of things that, that specific child is interested in. For example, one day a football player in my class wasn't understanding the math lesson at all. He didn't understand how to add two numbers, then subtract, then add another number to that, he was so confused. Mr. McHargue noticed he had no idea what he was saying, so he used football yards in place of all the confusing numbers. Mr. McHargue drew a football field on the board and said, “If your at the 10 yard line and you get 4 yards, then your team gets a 5 yard penalty, and you have to go back, what yard line are you at now?” The football player answered “ The 11 yard line!” He had finally got it! That is how Mr. McHargue did it, he always made sure everyone could get no matter what he had to do to make them understand.

Mr. McHargue also is very involved in extra curricular activities, and things in the community. He always goes to the sports events every week, and it doesn't matter what sport it is he is always there cheering on his students. He also became the high school golf coach this past year. He is very involved certain organizations and is an active member at one of the local baptist churches in town.

Not only is Mr. McHargue one of the best teachers our high school has ever had, he is an all around good guy. I will never forget that day when he helped that football player understand the lesson. He is a great example to our student body, and our community. He definitely deserves educator of the year.

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