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December 14, 2009
By Mickie BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Mickie BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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In this world there are some teachers who believe in what students do and then there are the teachers who just don’t care if you do anything. Well Mrs. Jenkins is both. She is crazy, funny, very sarcastic, and sometimes scary! She tells us almost every week, “You don’t have to do the work but if you want to survive I recommend you do the work.” or she’ll say, “ I don’t care if you do the work. It just means your going to fail.” She acts as if she doesn’t care when she really does. I know she cares because she gives us extra credit papers and projects when we epically fail her tests and homework assignments. Now you may think she is a bad teacher since we fail her test and homework papers but not everyone fails. She teaches advanced classes so she teaches her classes very fast. Some get it, some get it half-way, and some are saying what the heck am I doing in this class. In the end the ones who don’t get it ask her how to do it even though they are scared to ask.

I have been in Mrs. Jenkins class for half of my sophomore year now and have learned so much from her. Not just about chemistry but about life. A quote from Mrs. Jenkins, “Life sucks and then you die,” is so very true. All my years in school I have done my work knowing that I will pass but did not really caring about it. I found out this year that I cant just do my work and not care. I have to work hard, believe in myself more and care about my school work. The quote is so very true because you only have one chance to do something. So you have to do it right the first time. You don’t get a second chance at high school. Mrs. Jenkins taught me that I can’t just fly by one a whim. That you have to work hard and push through, what ever it is.

Mrs. Jenkins is a teacher at Cleburne High School in Cleburne, Texas. She is a teacher of PreAP-Chemistry, Advanced Earth and Space Science. She blows up pumpkins and has you dress up as some type of chemistry creature for Halloween. She lives and breaths science. Also she is the Science Department Chair at my school. We do some really fun labs like the Flame Test Lab. Where we burned compound to see what color the flame would change to.

Some may say she is very strict and mean but I think she is funny and a wonderful teacher. She has three rules:
Be prompt!
Be prepared!
Be polite!
If you follow those three rules and keep up with her crazily fast teaching methods then you will okay.

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