Mrs. Andrews

December 14, 2009
By , Cleburne, TX
Mrs. Andrews is the crazy, funny, exciting teacher that every school seems to have. She welcomes in the freshman classes every year and assuages them of the fears and pressures associated with entering high school. If you’re lucky, by the time you’re a senior you can become her student aide, like I have, so that you get to really meet the person behind the scenes.

Remembering back to my freshman year, no teacher left such an impact as Mrs. Andrews did. Every day, I would make the long trek from my class in the career center, the outer-most building of our high school, to the center of the math department. I would have to brave the Texan heat or cold, because walking outside of the buildings would be the only way to make it to class on time. Without fail, Mrs. Andrews would have a song going on in the classroom, reminding me of how uplifting a good teacher can be, especially on the most tedious of days. Freshmen year, she is always your favorite teacher, especially if you had met her before through church or other activities. Her style of teaching was something that I hadn’t experienced since kindergarten; song. Now, we didn’t learn every single geometry rule and proof through lyrics, but almost everything that needed to be memorized for geometry and math in general could be easily stored as a catchy song. As a senior in calculus now, I still catch myself using those familiar jingles to quickly remember a simple formula; they really do work.

Although I no longer have her as a teacher, I, along with one of my best friends, was assigned to be Mrs. Andrew’s aide this year. Although we were more than familiar with her because she was our teacher, we’ve learned so much more about her as her aides. Mrs. Andrews is one of the most down to earth and generally cool people that I’ve ever met. She is incredibly sweet and exalted amongst her fellow math teachers. Now, with over half of my senior year over, I can definitely say that she has impacted my life in a positive way. Going to her class is one of the few salvations during my hectic class day, it’s a much needed and much appreciated break betwixt the craziness of economics and calculus. Just last week, after a very difficult day in economics, Mrs. Andrews treated my friend and I to a free day, and let us study for a calculus test we were taking the next period. Without her mixed into my senior year, it would without a doubt be much harder.

Mrs. Andrews is easily described as a breath of fresh air, but it doesn’t quite do her justice. She is a great person, amazing teacher, and a savior to two drowning seniors. In my book, she is nothing less than beloved, and a person that I plan on visiting time and time again after leaving for college and continuing my journey towards becoming and engineer.

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