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December 4, 2009
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You never knew how hard middle school athletics was until the day you hit the court with Coach Edgar. This woman was straight business. If you thought you were in good shape, there was no chance that you were. Just because you could run a mile in six minutes meant nothing. You were weak and vulnerable to Coach Edgar’s workout. There was no chance on Earth that you didn’t sweat or lose your breath. Welcome to Middle School Athletics. Volleyball season had just ended. We had just retired from our volleyball shoes and spandex after a well-deserved win against our rival school. Now we were emerging in basketball shoes and baggy shorts. Tryouts were tough but many made it. A-Team was small, short, and sweet. Five total girls on the team but we managed to make the team work. This was not serious at first although we were tired and extremely sore at the end of each tryout. Coach Edgar came along, it was time to get to work. Each practice consisted of a warm-up, lay-up drills, shooting, but mostly running. We could’ve beaten both the track and cross country teams at our school. Our home on the court was the baseline or the sideline. For each missed lay-up, there was a horse. For each grabbing of the knees was a horse. For each yawn, groan, moan, or complaint. Guess. You are correct, there was a horse. We ran so many horses we could’ve had our own ranch. Even our warm-up’s made us tired. We were an out of shape group but we loved each other. Faults and all. Lacy was always late for practice so we’d always have to re-do warm-ups but in the end it was worth it. Coach Edgar wasn’t a horrible coach for making us run. She was the coach who actually saw something in us and wouldn’t give up for nothing. Coach Edgar made us run all those horses so we could get faster. Coach Edgar made us lift all those weights to get stronger. Coach Edgar made us do ball-handling drills so we could get better. No way were we a perfect team but for sure we worked our tails off. Coach Edgar was an amazing coach on and off the court. She took the A-team to a TCU basketball game. It was an amazing experience for all of us. Coach Edgar was the one to laugh with us and cry with us. She helped us with all aspects of life. From boyfriend drama to family issues, she helped us all. Most coaches won’t get involved in your personal life but she was one who cared enough to at least check on us. We noticed the little things. Coach Edgar was even one to play pranks. Samantha remembers the whipped cream and chocolate syrup on her birthday and running into the middle of the guys football practice. Coach Edgar showed us the definition of hard work. We lost weight, blood, sweat, and tears. We were injured at times but we made it through. We toughed it out. Through thick and thin we fought through as a team and Coach Edgar was a definite part of it. You can’t explain Coach Edgar’s train of thought because it’s too beastly for you. Coach Edgar is a proud believer in JAMODI. As a former player, I’m a believer too. Coach Edgar is my choice on educator of the year because she changed my life and she gave me the love. The love for God, life, and basketball.

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