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December 9, 2009
By Trackster BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Trackster BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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The teacher in my opinion that deserves the “Educator of the Year Award” is Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson teaches 8th grade science at Wheat Middle School in Cleburne, TX. She was a very involved teacher and didn’t judge if we did something wrong or whatever other reason people have to judge another person.
The first year Wheat Middle School was its own school was in the 07-08 school year. Mrs. Johnson organized the biggest field trip I think Cleburne has ever taken. Our whole 8th grade class, whether you could afford it or not, went to NASA in Houston. Mrs. Johnson did a lot of fundraising so that every 8th grade student and all the teachers were able to go on this trip. She organized a deal with Sonic where we went and worked there for a day and we got a percent of the money we had raised. She asked each of us students to write letters to every business in the community so we could get the word out there about this amazing opportunity. She also organized a “garage sale” in the Wheat Middle School gym as another way to make this trip available to everyone. Mrs. Johnson made the trip enjoyable to everyone even if you aren’t into science. We went to all kinds of places, like the boardwalk and an insect museum! She even went through the hassle of letting everyone choose their own roommates.
Mrs. Johnson also planned all the other 8th grade field trips we had throughout the year. We got to go to all kinds of places, such as the zoo, the aquarium, the movies, the cowboy museum, and even The Holocaust Museum in Dallas.
Mrs. Johnson was the head of the science department for Wheat Middle School and an overall great teacher. She was always involved with us and actually cared. Some teachers have teacher’s pets, but Mrs. Johnson loved all of her kids the same and this same, was a lot. She would teach us in hands on ways that helped me learn things better than listening to a lecture.
If you ever needed something Mrs. Johnson was that teacher everyone felt comfortable going to and telling her your problems. Once I got into an argument and I told Mrs. Johnson everything and she told me not to worry because it wasn’t going to affect me. She tried her hardest to keep all of her students out of trouble because she is the kind of person who took the time to listen and think things through before using her authority to just simply say, “Go to the office.”
I could go on and on about how great Mrs. Johnson was in my eyes but, in all of my school years up to the 10th grade Mrs. Johnson has impacted my life in the most significant way. Just by watching her I have learned to be a very hard working student. She helped me to be able to listen to others and not be judgmental. If school teachers were all more like Mrs. Johnson, students might pay more attention and learn more life skills than say through a teacher who is a lecture bug.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to every story about how all of these teachers make a difference in the lives of our students. If it was possible I would wish that you all recognized every single one of these teachers. I know just one could be “Educator of the Year” so these reasons I have mentioned is why I believe Mrs. Natalie Johnson should be nominated for this great title.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by Mrs. Johnson, my 8th grade science teacher. My english teacher said we had to write this paper and it opened my eyes to how great she really was!

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