Ms Taylor

October 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Ms Taylor is the most amazing, wacky, and inspiring person you will evewr meet. She is the Head Of Department for English at my otherwise normal and boring high school.

Ms Taylor encourages and helps her students, whilst making them feel that their ideas and opinions are valid and wanted. The main feeling you get from her is respect. People don't seem to realise that respect is so important when dealing with teenagers, but Ms Taylor respects us all, even though we may not deserve it.

She always makes class interesting, incorporationg chocolate when possible. She is also the only teacher who can get a class to be quiet without yelling or threatening detention.

Ms Taylor may be short, but she has a big personality, and se has some pretty big ideas. Her ideas don't always work, like the time when she tried to laminate cheese... but many of her other ideas have been a great success.

Though her playful personality can get her in trouble at times (nobody is ever going to let her ring the beel for the end of lunchtime EVER again, any tune sounds more like a fire drill), her students genuinely care about her. Especially the year tens, as she is their dean. When they found out that she had received some bad news to ddo wiht personal matters, the whole year group went silent and then everybody gasped. it was a touching gesture from the year group famous for never shutting up.

Ms Taylor is AMAZING, funny and she is able to take a joke as well. She makes life MUCH more interesting. My high school would be a boring and lifeless place without her.

The author's comments:
This is about my favourite teacher...enough said, really.

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