A Dedicated Teacher

October 16, 2009
You see her walking down the hall, always with a smile on her face and never letting it fade away. Most teachers are not their true selves in the classroom, but she is certainly an acception. Dr. Bartoli teaches only two classes at Danbury High School and that is Geometry and Honors Geometry/Trigonometry. As well as being a teacher, she is the head of the mathematics departmnet for the middle schools and the high school within the school district. She has only been my teacher for two months so far, but has done so much for me and more that she even knows. I have always done well in math, except in geometry. It is not something I would do well in at all and I never remember much of the vocabulary or anything, but thanks to her, I am not just passing geometry, but exceeding expectations and enjoying learning the subject. Dr. Bartoli truly is one of the greatest educators and as a person, she is cheerful and extremly sweet.

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