Kara Trumbo

October 15, 2009
By JaKe4AweSoMe BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
JaKe4AweSoMe BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Kara Trumbo

This year is my first year of Junior High School. I am a seventh grader but we call ourselves and are called Sevies. On my first day I about died of not knowing what to do and being new and nervous. My face was Probably Flushed with red. I didn’t know where to go, and when I did I didn’t know where it was. So I was directed to my 8th period class. In the class they told us about what we would do, just a quick summary.
After we finished I though I was getting the hang of it. I crossed the hall with a confident expression on my face. I looked back and forth through the hall at the class numbers. I quickly realized that I was in the 8th grade hall. I ran back towards the class I was previously in. it just so happened that my 1st period was right next to the room I was just in. so I entered quickly realizing that I knew a kid in there named Jeremy. I went to sit down and we joked around until class started so I was pretty cool about this class. It was not that hard and afterwards I had math.
When I entered I saw my teacher. Her name was Mrs. Trumbo. I quickly took my seat next to a friend. I thought she looked strict and mean. I wanted to test her. So I quickly began talking to my friend. She looked up at me and then looked away again. I thought I had her, but I guess I needed to wait and try again later. So while we were discussing rules I started whispering. Noticing this she looked at me stopping and waiting. I realized she was aware and stopped talking. I must have looked embarrassed because Jeremy laughed when he looked at math. I liked her there and then out.
After that I went to break, 3rd period, then even 4th and it all seemed to go by so fast. At lunch I sat down by my friends joking around while eating a delicious meal of pizza. Afterwards I went outside and messed around with my friends. Once the bell rang I ran inside and upstairs to my 6th period. It was Mrs. Trumbo as my reading teacher. I was glad because I liked her.
During reading we discussed the same things as in math this time I listened with a serious expression. After that I attended 7th period which was Intro to Technology. The teacher was named Mr. Hampton and he was nice. So then I decided that 7th period would be awesome. Afterwards I went to 8th it was fun to.

I have been telling you about my day but my point, if you’ve been paying attention to detail amounts that Mrs. Trumbo is my favorite teacher.
She is always finding good assignments that don’t kill us of difficulty but aren’t easy as 1st grade math. She is also very humorous and is loose.
She is nice to me and most people and picks fun things to do when we read books or do activities.

My main point of this is that I like Mrs. Trumbo most out of my teachers and I think for Educator of the year I would choose her out of the other teachers.

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Well this teache is Totally AweSoMe
and i like her alot so i thinks she Totally Koolio

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