October 15, 2009
By coolguy BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
coolguy BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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My intro to technology teacher is Mr. Gary Hampton. He is the teacher that inspired me. He is my favorite teacher because he is nice, fun, caring. For instance if I miss breakfast he lets me eat a snack in his classroom. His classroom is filled with Lego robot toys. He is the best teach because his class is always fun.

He teaches technology to every body in his class. We usually watch videos and do fun activities. He is unique because he never ever gives us homework. He is a fun teacher because every thing he has to say is interesting. No one can be board when they are in his class.

I knew he was me favorite teacher when he gave me extra credit because I was failing. The reason I was failing is because I was sick for multiple days and it was hard to get caught up with all the work. When he gave me easy extra credit to get me caught up I was eccentric. I was so happy because I only hade to read one of the books he told me to and then answer some questions about it.

My teacher should win thin competition because he is nice and kind. So if you have a hart you will vote for him. I know you will make the right choice. Just vote for my teacher Mr. Gary Hampton. Or else I will eat your cookies….

Mwaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!
No seriously vote for Mr. Gary Hampton.

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