??Mrs. Trumbo’s Da Bomb Shizz Nit??

October 15, 2009

I like to nominate Kara Trumbo because she is not like other teacher boring, mean or lazy. When I first saw her, I thought she would be a mean teacher. It looks like she has sugar, candy, energy drink or something in her system that keeps her active. Mrs. Trumbo’s classroom looks fun. It is decorated with all kinds of stuff.

Mrs. Trumbo makes math look fun. For me and probably to other math is boring. I used to hate math until I had Mrs. Trumbo at a teacher. The way she teaches is math is not like other teachers. When she teaches math she mixes funny jokes. Mrs. Trumbo is always in a good way never in a bad or tired. She so funny to watch she’s better then TV. Mrs. Trumbo teaches in a way that I can under stand unlike other teachers that just teach in the boringness way ever. I can fall asleep. The way she teaches it makes my brain suck in the knowledge like a sponge soaking water.

The moment I knew that Mrs. Trumbo was going to fun is when she threw an eraser at me. Ill try to smart talk her but it will always back firer at me. To be honest I thought she was going to be mean. Like out of nowhere she will shout and blurt out thing to make us laugh. She doesn’t really give us that much work so that means not that much homework. Those five reasons is when I knew Mrs. Trumbo was going to be the bomb.

Those are all the reason why I think Mrs. Trumbo should win the contest. Mrs. Trumbo should win because she’s funny, crazy and a weirdo. Therefore, giver her hundred bucks in her wallet. If you don’t choose Mrs. Trumbo to win then you’re lost.

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