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October 15, 2009
By jynx12 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
jynx12 BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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some people are like slinkies. there not much fun till you push them down the stairs.

My nomination for the most awesome educator of the year would have to be without a doubt my favorite art teacher, ms. strickler. Ms. Strickler has bright blue eyes, burning red-orange hair, and she likes to wear green with whatever else she’s wearing, even if it’s only little bit. Her classroom is a little smaller than some of the others. It has eight tables instead of desks and two closets. There is also a desk toward the back door that is much bigger so it can hold more students. I sit at the second table in the left row with my friends Jake and Yvonne.
Ms. Strickler has a slightly different style of teaching. Most teachers sit at their desks and stroll around every now and then. Not Ms. Strickler, she is always walking around, commenting on our artwork. Whenever we start a new art project we usually look on the internet at other peoples art. Sometimes she even does her own art along with us to help us better grasp the concept and beauty of this art style. This is all fun but my absolute favorite part of how Ms. Strickler teaches is when she’ll bring in other wonderful pieces of art she’s done.

The moment I knew Ms. Strickler was no ordinary teacher was the very first day. I was just walking to her class for the first time when I saw her waiting outside the classroom, holding the door open. Most teachers are inside waiting for you but I’m sure that you know ms. Strickler isn’t like most teachers. Then when we got inside the first thing she did was talk about our first art assignment. I was confused because in the last classes all the teachers had gone over every boring little rule and chosen our assigned seats. I was surprised but more importantly, I knew that this class was going to be the best.

All of these reasons are good ones but I think the most important reason is the look on Ms. Strickler’s face when she finds out she won. I would just love to see her that happy. I’m sure you’d understand if you knew her and what a great teacher she is. I would especially love it if my essay was the one that wins it for her. Well I’ve told all I can about why you should choose Ms. Strickler to be teen ink’s educator of the year.

The author's comments:
i wrote this for my best art teacher, ms. strickler.

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