The best teacher ever

October 15, 2009
The Best Teacher Ever
My first year of South Junior High is the best so far. Stephanie Maughan is one of the best orchestra teachers I have had. She has influenced me by how she plays any instrument in orchestra and band. Just in case someone needs help their teacher is not there because they went home to their family. She also influenced me by being herself. Her classroom is organized and clean. She is always clean and organized. She has brown hair. She has greenish gray eyes. She always raises the roof.
Stephanie Maughan teaches orchestra. She helps us by conducting when we play the song. Her style of teaching is great. She has fun and still gets the job done. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Her personality is funny and helpful. Her subject is to teach about music. Her teaching is one of the best ways to learn because you can also learn while having fun. She has a good sense of humor.
Mrs. Maughan is one of the best people that I have to teach me about music. She also teaches how to make learning more fun. She is the only orchestra teacher I will have for six years. She will help you throughout the year. During the day after school if you ask her she will get you into a practice room. If you need help to figure out the notes she will be glad to help. You can make her laugh and if you do well you could get an A+.
This is why I think Stephanie Maughan should win. It is because she has done a lot to earn it. She has helped with band kids when their teacher gone or when they need help. She also has done anything to help me and the others in my orchestra class. She knows when we need help and when we are just fine. She really needs this because she has work so hard trying to get us ready for our orchestra concert. She will use it wisely and not just for fun. She will use it for food and not any junk so please give it to her. She might even split it half and half with me.

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