The ANGRY Bear

October 15, 2009
The best teacher in my opinion is David Bear. He is the band teacher. If I were to explain him in one word it would be explosive. Mr. Bear is a big guy with balding brown hair. He is always carrying around his conducting sticks/drum sticks. He carries them around so much that they are almost like his hands. I think he should become educator of the year because he is awesome and his class is never boring also he will help you get through the tough parts.

His class is huge! It’s the biggest band room I have ever seen. His room has so many instruments in it It's like a music store. The shelves have big marching tubas that the bells are so big you could fit in it. Then there is a bunch of bases and cellos that are like six feet tall. His walls have a bunch of posters of famous instrumentalists, sayings and comics. Also his walls have these huge cherry red panels. The floor is an off white and is as boring as editing this paper.

One of my favorite things about his class is that we can have a good time and laugh a lot. He doesn't give any homework, and who wouldn’t love that. He trusts us that we will improve with out having to track down all of the time we have practiced.

My instruments wasn’t working because the first valve would not go down or come out, so guess what he did. No really guess. Well he shoved his drum stick into my valve case and then he got it more stuck. So I had no choice but to take it to the shop. When I got it back from the shop there was a big piece of red plastic in it. That was really weird.

I really think that he should become educator of the year because he is super nice and funny. He has helped so many people succeed. He has had some of his students from years before come back and thank him for helping them succeed.

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