Singing for Mrs.Kaye

October 15, 2009
By ~MusicLove~ BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
~MusicLove~ BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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They say,” A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the
way for others.” That’s why I chose Kelly Kaye. Mrs.Kaye is one of the most compassionate teachers I have had. She usually wears festive clothes like they do in Hawaii, and they’re always vibrant colors. She has blond hair that goes to her shoulders and she is almost always wearing a headband. She wears thin, purple glasses. Mrs.Kaye has a huge classroom. She has her own office INSIDE the classroom. She has lots of posters of past music composers and posters that say,” Be yourself.” She LOVES hippos and she has them spread out all over her room.
Mrs.Kaye teaches choir and always makes us make weird sounds during our warm up. She very funny and easy going and she will let you off easy the first time you get in trouble but after that she gets serious. She is a wonderful singer too. Mrs.Kaye is as bright as the rays that come off the sun and warm the earth.

Last year my cousin went to South and she was in choir also. So I was sitting in my chair while she was reading off the names. When it finally came to me she said my cousin’s name! I was so confused. Every one laughed. I was embarrassed and hysterical at the same time. I told her my name and she hasn’t gotten it wrong since.

I think Mrs.Kaye should get this award because she is persistent and doesn’t ever give up on any student. If you make a mistake she is quick to help you figure out how to fix it. She should get rewarded for being the bomb teacher.

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