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October 15, 2009
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Gary Hampton is the teacher who I think should be the educator of the year. Mr. Hampton is a male. He wears a shirt and tie every day. He was in the navy so he always wears a lanyard with the navy logo on it. When you walk into his class you see a bunch of models of projects from previous students.

Mr. Hampton has a very good teaching style. He is very helpful and explains things very well. The thing that I think makes him unique, is that he has us listen to 50s music while we are working because he is from that period of time. I also like his class because you get to make a lot of projects. One of my favorite projects we made was a hydro rocket. A hydro rocket is a soda bottle that you fill with water. When you pump air into it then it goes in the air. We also had to put an egg in it and if the egg broke you lost some points on your grade. My egg did not break because I had it covered in bubble rap and cotton.

The thing that I think makes him awesome is he has a nice personality, and is not mean. He doesn’t hate kids and that’s a good thing if you’re a teacher.

Make Mr. Hampton educator of the year because he is as cool as the polar bear from the coke a cola commercials. That is why you should vote for Mr. Hampton.

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