Fingers Crossed!

October 15, 2009
Kara Trumbo is the most goofiest, humorous, and hilarious teacher to me. She hasn’t really been to South Junior High for a while but she most definitely deserves to be the educator of the year. Mrs. Trumbo always has colorful cloths on, especially her shirts, but she mostly wares black pants. She has a few shelves full of books she has read and is willing to let other people read them as well. I am also currently reading one of her books right now.

Mrs. Trumbo teaches me math first period and reading sixth. She has some times that she’s a little too strict. She always makes sure that people get what she is trying to teach us. She also can be loud and obnoxious but I always remember her as how hilarious she is. What’s unique about her is that she’s read way more books than anyone I know and she has books for people to barrow from her.

When I first decided that she disserves such an award is when Mrs. Trumbo showed how easy math is and how she helped me with it. She also taught me how to work the problems out. I also had to choose between two people, her or Mr. Bear. I obviously chose her. I chose her because she’s better then Mr. Bear (But Mr. Bear is still a great band teacher). I also chose her for her uniqueness and humor.

I repeat Kara Trumbo extremely disserves educator of the year, according to me, because of her humorous, obvious, unique, strict, obnoxious self. I hope she wins and I hope other people agree too. I have my fingers crossed!

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