The Best Teacher

October 15, 2009
By kaitlyn vaughn BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
kaitlyn vaughn BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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The Best Teacher!!!!!

I would like to nominate Amber Strickler for Educator of the year. I am nominating her because she is nice and she explains herself very well so I know what I need to do. She helps with anything we need help with. She dresses in a skirt and a shirt.

Mrs. Strickler makes class fun everyday. She teaches art and you can tell she was cut out for the job and that she loves what she does. She has us do a sketch of what we are doing then we do it afterwards. If we don’t like what we are going to do than we can change it. Her personality is very nice she doesn’t yell at us and she has a sense of humor.
The moment I knew she was a good teacher was the first day I came to school. She looked very nice. I went to class and she was really nice. She made me feel welcomed. She never gives homework unless you don’t spend class time on your work then you have to take it home. She doesn’t just say figure it out she actually comes and helps us and shows us how to do it again. That’s the moment I knew she was a great teacher.
She should win because of a lot of reasons, here is a few of them. She is very talented and smart. She never yells that is a big sign of a good teacher. She knows how to teach in fun ways, that’s always a good thing. She doesn’t give a lot of work for us to do just fun art that I like to do. Right now we are making a piñata she is making it really fun she is letting us make whatever we want. She is giving us freedom, she trust us that we won’t mess it up.

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