My Teacher for Educator of the Year

October 15, 2009

2 My Teacher for Educator of the Year

I think that Mary Forsythe should be Teen Inks educator of the Year. Mrs. Forsythe is the funniest teacher ever! She loves kids, especially seventh graders. She’s blonde and likes to wear blouses a lot. She never wears makeup that I see anyway. Her classroom is like a normal class room, she has a lot of history books though. She has a happy look on her face every time we walk in her class room.
Mrs. Forsythe has two styles of teaching. She teaches ninth grade history and seventh grade creative communications. In creative communications the last thing we did was do a play about the three little pigs. She loves to have fun. She LOVES to play games not a lot of people do.

I think that Mrs. Forsythe is the funniest teacher. I knew that Mrs. Forsythe would be my favorite teacher right when I walked in and she had a huge smile on her face. It was the first day. We did uniform check everyone was wearing there uniform in the correct way. She said I’m going to bring candy for everyone tomorrow because we were wearing our uniform correct. She said if I remember like we couldn’t hear her. I almost started laughing. Mrs. Forsythe can rap like Eminem but better.

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