All Around Great Teacher

September 3, 2009
By Anonymous

There is a teacher I had in fifth grade named Mrs.Springer. She always phrased things so our whole class could understand it. Her methods of how to teach amazed me. She is an extremely intelligent teacher, but outside of that, she is one of the most friendly teachers that I will ever meet.

Every day that I went to school, I would always look forward to math even though I struggled and did not like math at the beginning of the year, she made it so I was good and loved math. The way she drew on the board, made graphs, and tought it is how I became in love with math. She had flash cards that she used to help me with all my basic multiplication facts. At the beginning of the quarter, I had a B- in that class. Through my hard work and dedication, I became a straight A student. But my highest grade was always in math.

Beside the fact that she was a good teacher, she had a great personality as well. She was very sympathetic when people needed her to be. She was always telling storiest about her brother but somehow they always related to math.

In conclusion, Mrs.Springer was an amazing teacher because she had a great personality, she was very smart, and was an all around great teacher.

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