Mrs. Houser

May 8, 2009
By BriElizabeth SILVER, Steubenville, Ohio
BriElizabeth SILVER, Steubenville, Ohio
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Mrs. Houser is the best teacher ever!!! She teaches math and a few other classes but i'm not sure what they are. She makes learning fun and easy. Im not the greatest math student so when she made me understand I personally thought it was amazing. She is a fun and humorous person. She is also fun just to hang out with. Now most students can't wait to leave school to get away from the teachers but I can't wait to go to school to kick off the day with Mrs. Houser. She makes the day go by so much faster than it usually does. She makes people want to come to school. Most people hate their teachers but everyone loves Mrs. Houser. Algebra was usually like a war with me but when she taught it to me she made it seem so easy. She is setting up for the prom. She chaperones dances and does anything she can to help people. She recently taught an after school program for the OGTs. She taught the math class which consumed algebra, geometry, the basics, trig and so on. I thought I would never understand any of it until she sat with me for 8 hours a week for 2 weeks to help me pass the test. And she often helped me in the morning during homeroom with my geometry work. She is the best and can make anyone understand math no matter how long it takes. Hope she wins because I promise she is the best math teacher ever!

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