Miss Carnell

April 29, 2009
By michael kuhl BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
michael kuhl BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Everyone knows how hard it is to teach a freshmen class. Mostly, boys are wound up after lunch; they are loud and obnoxious. Boys would crimple their late essays and throw them at each other. Girls played with their hair gossiped about how cute the guys in the next were.

One sweet, caring, and sophisticated teacher knew exactly how to handle a class like this. Miss Carnell was always and patient. She understands the students and does more work than she is paid to do. She is the one English that would take the time to help you with your papers or listen to your problems, even if you’re the “bad” kid in class.

She has a way of relating real life high school situations to readings in stories from class. She is the reason the story the Odyssey is actually read by boys who hate reading with the deepest passion. Miss Carnell doesn’t judge students at all. I have rarely met a teacher that wasn’t bias in someway, but Miss Carnell doesn’t resent anyone.
She respects everyone’s opinion. She has way of making you forget your immaturity, and you actually learn in class. Even the kid who drifts off in her class walks out learning some type of lesson from her. She never needs to raise her voice or write anyone up. When she asks you to listen, you listen. Not because of fear, but because when she teaches, she actually gets you involved in her teaching. Miss Carnell actually gets you to enjoy her class.

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