Mr. David Watry

July 7, 2009
By Garrett Kim BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Garrett Kim BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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30 minutes before school, a line of kids wait to enter the writing lab. Pen in hand, Mr. Watry patiently goes over papers. He never criticizes; rather, he points out errors and offers suggestions. His willingness to help, expertise, and skill are why I nominate him as Educator of the Year.
Mr. Watry is the advisor for the school newspaper and the English Department chair. He has been teaching so long that he has former students’ kids in his class. It’s this experience that makes him such a great teacher.

During the year, Mr. Watry had class discussions about books and poems. His blunt descriptions made complex elements understandable. He also asked lots of questions to get his class involved, which improved our interpretation skills.

His insights didn’t stop at literature. Having lived in Russia and taught in Africa, he has a plethora of stories. Some memorable ones were the neutering of his cat in Russia, his experiences at a Russian church, and how Russians and Africans cherish what Americans take for granted. These entertaining tales always managed to connect to our discussions and gave us an insight into the world around us.

When we weren’t discussing classic literature or listening to another crazy story, Mr. Watry improved our writing abilities. He taught us how to set up an outline and cite sources, skills I’ve applied to papers for other classes. By integrating grammar lessons into papers, he killed two birds with one stone. The difference between what I wrote at the beginning of the year and the end is like night and day.

I always looked forward to going to English class. Mr. Watry improved my English skills drastically, but I also learned about the world around me. His dedication and savvy have helped me and my classmates succeed. Mr. Watry deserves to be the Educator of the Year.

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