Mr. Zuercher-Physics Teacher

July 5, 2009
By Anonymous

Physics is a difficult class. I wasn’t taking regular physics either. I was taking block physics class. Everyday I had two hours of physics class. The class moved twice as fast as regular physics. I completed chemistry with two low B’s. Fellow students told me physics was tougher than chemistry. I was nervous about physics. Turns out I was nervous for no reason at all.

My physics teacher, Mr. Zuercher, is the best teacher I have had. He made physics fun. But his class wasn’t just a class about physics; it was about everything. Mr. Zuercher talked about everything from swine flu to his former college days and everything in between. I learned a lot about a lot of things, not just physics. His rants about random things going on in the world were always amusing. Physics class with Mr. Zuercher was never boring.
I looked forward to physics everyday. It wasn’t two hours of tough work; it was two hours of fun, hands on learning. He rarely gave us homework, and he never made us do work out of the book. He actually never taught out of the book. Instead he taught us through entertaining group experiments. Experiments such as throwing baseballs on the football field, or running up a flight of stairs, taught me how to apply physics concepts to everyday life. That was his main thing, applying everything we learned in physics to the real world. His final exam consisted of 35 questions. Just about all of the questions were focused around forces applied to driving a car. Physics became super easy for me after I bought into his concept about applying concepts to our everyday lives.
Mr. Zuercher’s physics class was awesome. Everyday was new and exciting. I never knew what was going to be discussed when I walked into his class, but I was always glad to be there. I never learned so much so easily in any other class.

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