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May 27, 2009
By Reydel GOLD, Winchester, Idaho
Reydel GOLD, Winchester, Idaho
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Stop Dreamming and Start Thinking

A lot people may have trouble finding their favorite teacher. Just because they say they are dumb and boring or they don’t understand us. The teacher I’m going to talk about is just the opposite, and that’s what made Mr. K my favorite teacher. I have known Mr. since Pre- School, but sometimes people change.

Mr. K use to sub at my old school when I was in Pre- School. He was always so nice. He had all kinds of special names for us and he made us laugh. Things we had never understood at the time he made sound so amazing.

Two years later I moved, and who do I find? Mr. K. I had never met a teacher who made music sound so much fun. He made our fragile squirmy little bodies want tot hold still and pay attention just by saying a few words to us..

He wasn’t all about fun and games. He taught us thing we needed to know. He made learning fun, but knowledgeable at the same time. The things he had done made us want to pay attention. We ere learning so much and we didn’t even realize it. He had done so much for us and never asked or expected anything in return.

A few years later Mr. K moved away. Everyone on was so dismal and dismayed. A year later a part of him had changed. I wrote about Mr. K because I felt that it was important for people to know a part of him that we once knew. People need to know that anyone can change at any time. Though nothing will be the same, the side of him America saw want always there before.

Life is weird. It has all sorts of obstacles good and bad. Right know as you read this I’m jumping over a really bad obstacle, but having pride while I do it. Though it isn’t as easy as it sounds. I Mercedies, forgive Mr. K no madder how wrong he was, and by doing this it makes me the better person. It wasn’t all about being the better person and feeling good it was the fact that I know right from wrong and followed my heart to make something great.

The author's comments:
I mean everything i said and i dont care who knows it.

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