Mr. Reichle

May 19, 2009
By rachael kluth SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
rachael kluth SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Coming into my American Problems class I expected it to be another class with a text book and tests every couple weeks. I ended coming into a class with heated discussions, interesting videos and a funny teacher. Mr. Reichle makes the class laugh; it’s a different atmosphere and a perfect way to end each and every school day. The way he uses everyday examples from, Britney spears to the public school systems for our discussions there is not a quiet kid in our class. At first it was hard for him to get us to talk by doing activities that made us get up and write on the board. When no one would walk up to the board you could tell Mr. Reichle was a little frustrated by that. One day coming into class, he took the board out of the picture and opinions in, immediately you could tell the class cared more about what we were talking about.

Not only do we learn about everyday problems in America we learn responsibility and care for others. What I mean is this year we started a small project in all American problems classes to help the veterans from wars get to the vet wall in Washington D.C. By raising money and interviewing vets for our video, you don’t realize how much it means to all of these vets by doing this. This year between all the American problems classes and teachers, by donations, buying candy or krispy creams we’ve raised over 1000 dollars! That’s enough money to send at least two vets to the wall in Washington. Along with that we’ve interviewed many vets to hear their experiences in the war, and many of them have personally told us how much they appreciated it.

I think by telling you this you can get the idea that Mr. Reichle is a caring and dedicated teacher. Because we wouldn’t get involved in class he changed the way he taught so we would actually talk during class. Because he knew that the veterans wanted to see the wall, he wanted to make it possible by raising money. Lastly, because he knew it was important to know what the veterans went through, and to hear their story, he brought it to life and had us interview them.

A true teacher should be dedicated, caring, personable and funny. Mr. Reichle, I believe with my two semesters of being taught by him, goes above these requirements. He is all of these and more, he respects the views and opinions of students, and he really wants to hear what you have to say. Also Mr. Reichle has a well-balanced personality; he knows how to be funny and when to be serious. It is clear that not everyone can be a teacher, but Mr. Reichle is more than suited to be the best in my opinion.

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