My Questionable Teacher

February 2, 2009

Have you ever had a teacher who thought he was DARTH VADER?! I do his name is Mr. H...
otherwise known as Greg. He works at South Junior High. Have you ever played light saber bingo?
It's so much fun'if you get a bingo you get to battle with the teacher using light sabers! He
sometimes wears his Darth Vader helmet around the class room playing with his voice changer. My
teacher has ADHD so he's super energetic and loves to listen to loud crazy music. He talks really
fast and walks around the room a lot because he can't stand still. He talks about crazy things
like dying princesses and picking his nose with a pointer. He runs around the halls singing and
skipping like a maniac. He recently invented a new accessory called a tarph. It's a tie made out
of scarf material so it keeps your neck warm. We have a monthly assignment where we write a poem.
Mr. H... hosts a poetry slam and turns off all the lights and we read our poems and go crazy. He
likes to do awesome projects like making children's books so we can express our creative side. We
write a lot of narrative essays and send them into competitions so we can win money or other prizes
for our work. He thinks publishing is an important part of writing and part of publishing is getting
paid so that's what we try to do. Mr. H... is incredibly smart. He is a seventh grade teacher
and also a college professor. He is currently working on getting his doctorate for English. No
matter how crazy he is I think he's the best teacher ever!

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