Educator of the Year

July 8, 2009
By Emma Neshek BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Emma Neshek BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Not many teachers have the ability to leave an impression on their students and even fewer leave a life lesson in their thick heads. In my long life as a sixteen-year-old, and my laborious career as a high school junior, I have only met one of these mythical teachers who had left a life long lesson and impression.

A teacher who succeeded in this task in one short semester should be deemed great. The great teacher I am nominating for the Educator of the Year Award is Mrs. Ziegelbauer.

I was one of those students who didn’t think much of the history of American literature and didn’t care for the famous works of long dead writers. Mrs. Ziegelbauer changed my perspective when she challenged us to recreate Hemmingway’s style, and tested our creativity by having us write endings to short stories we read in class. I now not only appreciate those famous works, but also the history that goes behind those writing styles. Mrs. Ziegelbauer got me interested in the history of American literature and taught me how to truly appreciate the work that goes behind writing.

Mrs. Ziegelbauer was not only a great teacher but a great person. She really cared about her students, both about what they are thinking and doing. She would always ask the students who arrived early to her class what sport they were doing or what volunteer group they participated in, and during class she encouraged everyone to share his or her ideas. It was easy to like and trust Mrs. Ziegelbauer with her quiet ways and peaceful nature that were always present in her class room.

I am sad to say Mrs. Ziegelbauer has retired this year after many years of teaching. I have never known any other teacher like her who cared so much about her students and that is why I nominate Mrs. Ziegelbauer for Educator of the Year.

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