Teacher of the Year

May 9, 2009
By Finchgirl4 BRONZE, Rock Springs, Wyoming
Finchgirl4 BRONZE, Rock Springs, Wyoming
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In many ways a great teacher is like a best friend, someone you look forward to seeing, someone you don’t mind spending time with. We underestimate the power of teachers, when you have a great teacher, you are driven to do better, you actually like coming to class.
Mrs. Elizabeth Sedey is the most amazing person I have ever had the opportunity to meet. I will always remember my first day of history class because I was dead scared it was going to be just like the year before, a mean grumpy old lady throwing out packets of work at us every day. To my surprise it was a 360 degree turn, from devil to angel, from black and white boring to color fun. She had a spark in her that my pervious history teacher lacked. It was a love for her job and for her students. You could always tell she was where she wanted to be, she would get excited about the topic she was teaching us and talk with her hands and basically hug the pull down map because she couldn’t point to all the things she was talking about fast enough.
She always without fail had some fun way to teach us, it was never just lecture or paper work. We played a game where each group got to be a different country and rage war on each other, we had to systematically send out troops and protect the little countries in order to maintain our county’s goals it so much fun and way better then reading about the actual war. Then we studied the Roaring twenties, and got to do a Radio show, where you assumed the character of someone form the twenties like a flapper girl, and then we even got to dress up!
Mrs. Sedey is also a valued volleyball coach as well, during the season she coaches the freshmen girls and they have so many trophies, which she proudly displays in her room. She even played volleyball in high school and went to college on a volleyball scholarship which makes her a great inspiration for all the young athletes she coaches.
I will never forget Mrs. Sedey because when my parents got divorced, she was there for me the whole way, through all the problems I had she could tell and she never let me fall through the cracks. Most of the time just having someone to talk to was all I needed and she just listened. I owe a great deal of my happiness to her now, if anyone deserves to be Teacher of the Year it is her, ten times over.

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