Mr. Anthony Pizzo

May 19, 2009
By Jake Weber SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Jake Weber SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Educator of the year. What are the credentials to obtaining such an honor? Well, let’s just say “the works.” From showing stern authority in teaching to lending a helping a hand in tough times, an educator of the year must be able to go above and beyond the confines of the average classroom setting. Mr. Anthony Pizzo is like King Leonitis compared to the common soldier. His efforts as an educator have propelled him far past the average expectations of a teacher.

Mr. Pizzo is unafraid of challenges. Taking on the athletic sphere early on in his short career, he is the Arrowhead Varsity football linebackers coach, the varsity and JV track sprints assistant, and the varsity and JV powerlifting assistant coach. As a part of all three, I have developed an excellent relationship with the young and trendy Mr. Pizzo (he was hired at Arrowhead when I was a sophomore). His knowledge and experience in every aspect of his coaching game baffles anyone aware of his age at a mere 26 years. His experiences garnish his coaching tactics, while his youthfulness facilitates his relationships with his players. Talk about a total package!

Additionally, he takes on the challenge of teaching in our school’s OASIS program which helps kids who have made a few bad decisions stay in school. Dealing with disgruntled children is a difficult task at times, but this has yet to ever be an issue for Mr. Pizzo.

Understanding Mr. Pizzo’s dedication to the betterment of his pupils has made me proud to say I am one of them. He is my coach, and possibly more importantly he is my friend. He is a selfless teacher dedicated to his students, and an experienced mentor. He is the educator of the year.

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